Q.  Is Lavish Studio for me?
A. As far as I’m concerned beauty has no limits. It’s not defined by age or size. Whether you’re married, in a relationship or single, a mother of 5 or footloose and fancy free…. everyone deserves the same attention. Having a glamorous photoshoot is exhilarating, and for many women the experience and resulting photographs give a real boost in confidence and self esteem.
Q.  OK, I’m not perfect. Can you really make me look glamorous?
A. Yes, I really can. It’s all about accentuating all of your best features, and playing down the parts that concern you. There is a certain amount of trust involved, but with beautiful hair and make up, careful choice of clothing, expert lighting, specific posing and complementary shooting angles, you will be amazed at the results.
Q.  Should I bring pictures from magazines that I really like to show you?
A. Yes, if you want to. If you’re after a specific look it can be really helpful to see some examples. While we won’t attempt to copy them exactly, it will certainly give me a better idea of what appeals to you.
Q.  What about retouching? Do you use Photoshop?
A. Yes, all prints and albums will have full retouching done with Photoshop. Just how much retouching I do is up to you. Some people request little to no retouching, preferring to look very natural. However most people are more than happy to have blemishes removed, lines minimised and and a little smoothing here and there. The key to truly professional retouching is for it to be undetectable.
Q. How should I prepare for my shoot?
A. It’s best if you come with a clean face and clean hair either washed the night before or that morning if you prefer. If your hair is long don’t tie it up in a pony tail or clips. If you colour your hair it’s best if it’s been recently done with little or no regrowth. Make sure your fingernails look nice with no chipped polish because many of your photographs will feature your hands. Please don’t allow yourself to get sunburned before your shoot, and if you do choose to have a spray tan it’s best if it’s very light and given several days to fade down a little. I can make you look a deeper tan in your images if you want, but strong fake tans tend to look very orange under studio lighting. If you plan on having naked or semi naked shots wear loose fitting under garments before your session to minimise marks on your skin.
Q. What should I bring?
A. Bring a good collection of your favourite clothes, underwear, high heeled shoes, jewelry and other accessories.  Consider bringing some items for completely different looks, ranging from old faded jeans and a singlet top right through to an evening or cocktail dress. If you want to have lingerie shots it’s a great idea to bring black and white briefs or G’s, a black bra and black stockings (not pantyhose). I have a selection of corsets and lingerie, jewelry and props that you are welcome to mix and match with your own items. If you want to wear some of my under garments I will require you to bring a skin toned brief or g-string to wear underneath.
Q. I am pregnant. When is the best time to be photographed, and what should I bring?
A. Anywhere between 32 and 36 weeks is a good time to have pregnancy photographs taken. Some women leave their session until 38 weeks because they want their baby bump to look as pronounced as possible. This is fine if you feel you will still have good energy levels, though of course there is a risk of going into labour early and missing out on your photographs altogether.

If possible please bring black bra and briefs, white bra and briefs and some sort of plain black pants or leggings. Also bring any other clothes that you like, especially tops which open at the front. I have several garments which work well and various peices of fabric which I can wrap and drape you in. I try not to take as long with pregnancy sessions, but it’s also a good idea to bring a small snack in case you need a little boost half way through.
Q. Can I have my shoot at another location instead of Lavish Studio?
A. Yes you can. If you prefer I can photograph you in your home,  outdoors or at another location in the Bendigo area.
Q.  Can I be photographed with my partner?
A. Yes, of course. A shoot with your partner could include anything from soft natural portraits, edgy fashion styled images or something more intimate and sensual.
Q.  Do you photograph guys as well?
A. Yes. Why should the guys miss out? After years of shooting weddings I’ve realised that photographing the groom is one of my favourite parts of the day.  I realise my galleries are sadly missing any male subjects, but I will be adding more cool images featuring guys soon.
Q. Do I have to get naked, wear lingerie or very revealing clothing?
A. No, you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. I can make you look totally gorgeous whether you’re fully dressed or not. The choice is yours.
Q. Can I be photographed naked?
A. Yes for the ladies. Guys are required to wear briefs or a g-string. I appologise for the double standard, but those are my limits and I feel it’s better to be up front about that.
Q. Will my photographs be displayed on the internet?
A. Only if your give your signed approval on a model release. I am very mindful of your privacy and would never display your images without your permission. All of the images displayed on my site are done so with full permission, and of course I am very grateful to those individuals for the opportunity to display their gorgeous photographs. Without them you would not be able to see what I am capable of creating for you.
Q. How long will my photoshoot take?
A. These things take time, and because most of my clients are inexperienced in front of the camera I like to allow a fairly relaxed pace while shooting. With hair and make up, frequent changes of outfits, styling, sets and lighting you will need to allow 3 to 4 hours for your shoot. You will be tired by the end, but also very exhilarated.
Q. When will I get to see my images?
A. Three weeks after your shoot I will have your images ready for you to view. We will set up an appointment for you to sit with me at my computer and go through the process of selecting your prints or album. This gives you the advantage of guiding me on your preferred level of retouching, and you can view different effects like black and white, vintage colouring and fashion processing.
Q. How can I pay?
A. I require that you pay the $150 session fee on the day of your photoshoot and accept cash or electronic payment. Prints and other products may be paid for at the time of ordering.

Q. Why is there a $300 minimum order?
A. There is a lot of time and skill involved in preparing, shooting and editing glamour photography, so it simply isn’t time or cost effective to allow very small orders. Lavish Studio is a luxurious and indulgent experience, with very rewarding results. It’s not about a few ‘quick snaps’ and a couple of small prints… it’s about splashing out and really treating yourself to high end, professional imagery.

Q. Can I purchase the high resolution digital files?
A. Yes. I consider digital files to be the equivalent of prints therefore they are priced individually at $150 per image. Larger amounts of digital files will be priced at a slightly lower rate. I can provide you with further details on request.

Q. Can I have image files for Facebook or email?

A. Yes. For every print that you purchase I will include a complementary low resolution image file with Lavish Studio branding in the bottom corner. This file is not intended for printing, but will be perfect for Facebook, email or displaying on your mobile phone or ipad.
Q. Do you photograph newborns, babies, children and families?
A. No, I choose to specialise in the area of adult glamour photography. I’m very happy to photograph your pregnancy but after your baby is born I would prefer to refer you to another talented professional who specializes in newborn and baby photography. I can also highly recommend several photographers who do beautiful family and children’s photography..

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to phone me on 54483859 or send me an email.