Lavish Studio is all about stunning photographs. Magazine quality images, beautiful posing, exquisite lighting and professional retouching. Situated in Bendigo, Lavish is owned and operated by photographer, Annie Warren. A session with Lavish Studio includes hair, make up and styling. You will be guided every step of the way and given all the help you need with posing and expression. It’s all about feeling glamorous, and it’s an experience you’re sure to love. We make frequent changes to the clothing, styling and sets during your shoot, so you end up with a variety of beautiful images to choose from. The spacious studio features professional lighting, antique furniture, a bed, divine backgrounds and fun props. There is also a range of garments and accessories that you can mix and match with your own items.

Lavish features three main genres of photography….

By definition the word glamour means ‘the appearance of enhanced attractiveness’. Glamour photography is defined by looking and feeling utterly gorgeous, reflected in both appearance and attitude. It can be edgy and fashion inspired, soft and pretty or seductive and sexy. It can range from modern trends right through to the vintage style of 30’s and 40’s Hollywood glamour.

Boudoir photography has had a worldwide surge in popularity over the last couple of years. Pronounced ‘boo-dwa’ this French word simply means ‘a woman’s private room’. Boudoir photography generally refers to sensual, seductive or voyeuristic images, often with vintage or retro styling. Usually set in a bedroom environment featuring lingerie, boudoir images are intended to be suggestive and sensual.

The changes that take place in a woman’s body when she is pregnant are utterly astounding and incredibly beautiful. For many women this is an amazing time of transition and change, and one that they wish to always remember.

Photographs from Lavish Studio make an amazing gift for your boyfriend or husband, a wonderful surprise for your groom or an exciting first anniversary present. Maybe the very best reason is the most simple. A luxurious treat for yourself that will leave you with a permanent reminder of just how beautiful you really are.